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Baylor Health Care System has created an office to coordinate efforts to provide healing both at home and abroad.
“We’re not just trying to put another feather in our cap here,” says Don Sewell, director of Faith in Action Initiatives (FIAI) at Baylor Health Care System, in a new Skype interview with “We’ve made a concerted effort to develop an office, a clearinghouse, a coordination area that truly encourages and catalyzes a lot of this.”

Skype Interview: Don Sewell from EthicsDaily on Vimeo.

Sewell says his office takes “the very best of the talents and the assets of the Baylor Health Care System, and we utilize them outside the walls of our system.”
Important to FIAI is the compassionate philosophy of minister and writer George W. Truett, who said in 1903 that health care should be available to those of all faiths and those of none.

Sewell says FIAI has helped more than 100 charitable clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with gauze, sutures and so on in the last year alone. It has also coordinated the delivery of medical supplies and materials to Haiti and Japan in the wake of natural disasters.

“We are looking and in the process of developing relationships to send a large amount of medical equipment to the third largest city in North Korea,” says Sewell. He is hopeful – but mindful of problems that arise when shipping materials to the four corners of the globe.

Sewell also discusses in the interview other components of Faith in Action Initiatives. Among them are the Sacred Vocation Program and Second Life Resources.

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