King Solomon. The Queen of Sheba. The Ark of the Covenant. And Italian food.
All that and more comes up in’s latest Skype interview with Elijah Brown, assistant professor of missions at East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) in Marshall, Texas.

Brown, who holds a doctorate in World Christianity from the University of Edinburgh, talks about Ethiopia’s religious history and context in an interview marked by stories from history and legend.

Skype Interview: Elijah Brown from EthicsDaily on Vimeo.

Brown has traveled to Ethiopia once a year for the past five years as part of his work at ETBU, and his studies and travels have turned him into a master storyteller about the country’s remarkable religious landscape.
In addition to explaining the current religious makeup of the country—and the growth of the evangelical church there—Brown recounts the linkages between this northeast African country and biblical literature.

“Ethiopia has a very long history of relationship to Christianity and to Judaism as well,” Brown said. Some of the stories are “historically verifiable,” while others are “a bit more legend.”

These stories include the relationship between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, their offspring, and an eventual safe haven for the Ark of the Covenant in modern-day Ethiopia, where some believers hold that it still resides.

Brown discusses this story in more detail while also connecting the country to New Testament stories.

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