“What EthicsDaily offers has a lot of application to a trend that I’m seeing in local church life,” says Zach Dawes, EthicsDaily.com’s new managing editor, in a Skype interview now live on Vimeo.

Skype Interview: Zach Dawes from EthicsDaily on Vimeo.

“Right now there’s seems to be an increased emphasis, I think, on an awareness that the gospel is more than what happens to you when you die, that there is a social, a political, an economic element – a central element, really – to the gospel,” says Dawes. “And that Jesus’ message speaks to all of these things.”
Dawes joined the EthicsDaily.com staff in early January. He holds a master’s of divinity from George W. Truett Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s in history from Baylor University.

Before joining EthicsDaily.com, he served as the education and outreach minister at Trinity Baptist Church in Moultrie, Ga., and then as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Mount Gilead, N.C.

Dawes says he sees Jesus’ relevance to today’s pressing issues manifested in the spiritual development and preaching of others.

“They’re really emphasizing the fact that there are concrete applications of Jesus’ message to today,” says Dawes, a Texas native. “So you see it manifested in discussion about social justice, creation care, emphasis on the kingdom or the reign of God being manifest on earth.”

“I think EthicsDaily really helps pastors, ministers, congregations to think more deeply on all these issues,” he says.

Dawes, who will continue EthicsDaily.com’s virtual office trend and work from Austin, Texas, says he also thinks it’s important for the site to continue bringing various “lenses” to issues.

He cites various approaches, including theological, pastoral, exegetical and homiletical.

“I think that that’s a helpful way of looking at what EthicsDaily has been doing and what I hope to see it continue to do,” says Dawes.

He adds that the site can “offer some perspectives on topics, on biblical texts, on issues that maybe come at it from a little bit different vantage point each time.”

Watch the interview with Dawes at vimeo.com/ethicsdaily/skype-zachdawes

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