This posting is a day later than usual, largely because I accomplished the goal I’d mentioned in the last — to slow down for a while during a weekend visit to the mountains.

That also means I’m still in a bit of a slowdown mode, finding myself unwilling to tackle any hot topic or deep thoughts for the day.

Rather, I’m still trying to remember the view from the front porch of my cabin, the flush that comes with a good hike through woods and mountain meadows, and the simple pleasure of a field of fescue interspersed with ox-eye daisies, purple and yellow clover, Queen Anne’s Lace, and a bunch of other wildflowers that I can’t name.

I’ll soon be in Fort Worth for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship‘s General Assembly, where there are sermons to hear, songs to sing, business to accomplish, things to celebrate, booths to visit, stories to write, meal-meetings to attend — and things are bound to get busy. If one of the speakers drones on, however, and my eyes roll back, my brain may be back in the front porch rocking chair …

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