CR-butterfliesI suspect we all like things that are new and fresh — but especially when there’s also an element of familiarity.

I suppose that’s why we like spring so much.

We know what butterflies look like, but after a winter without them, there’s a special pleasure in seeing them gather by the river to suck up some water and minerals from the damp earth.

PinkDogwoodsAny of us could draw a dogwood blossom, but when it’s been nearly  year since we’ve seen one, there’s a singular delight in seeing their return, or in catching the redbud’s short-lived transition from bright purple flowers to glowing burgundy leaves.

CR-redbudsSpring makes us want to get out and breathe the fresh air, even though it’s pollen-enhanced. We want to stretch our legs and hike and feel that something about us is new, too.

And spring, of course, is when Easter arrives and we hear the same old story we’ve heard or told so many times before, but the hope that surrounds it seems new every year.

CR-crossWith spring upon us, Baptists Today is also offering something old and new, shedding the familiar look of our website for a new approach. You’ll find much of the same content: our daily news links, our blogs, our highlights from the past issue. But you’ll also find an attractive new layout, an interactive photo feature, and lots of stuff under the hood that’s designed to create a better online reading experience.

One of my favorite things about the new website is that it’s designed to automatically adjust to mobile platforms: whether viewed on a smart phone or a tablet — no matter what the size — each page snaps to an appropriate format for that device. The first time you open the site on a mobile device, you’ll get a low-key invitation to download a small app that puts a link right on your home screen for easier access.

It’s springtime at Baptists Today: check out new sights on the site: you won’t be able to smell the flowers, but they’re pollen free!

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