I like Mondays, most of them. The week is still new and fresh, and while Friday may seem a long way off, there is rewarding work to do in between.

I also like Mondays this semester because most of the faculty and staff of Campbell’s Divinity School (which includes the Religion Department) gather for an informal “soup group.” We take turns, with two of us bringing a pot of soup each week, and there’s usually enough for everyone to have a bowl from each pot.

I made chicken & pastry (not technically soup, maybe, but it tastes good) when it was my turn back in September. Unfortunately, as I made the right turn off of Highway 55, the crock pot turned over and I had chicken & carpet instead. Enough stayed in the pot for most folks to have a taste, but that was about it. As penance, I signed up for a second try, and when next Monday comes, my split pea soup will be well wedged into a box before my car leaves the driveway.

Having soup with friends is a tasty way to start the week, but the soup is not as important as the fellowship. It’s a rare opportunity for most of us to enjoy each other’s company, tell stories, laugh, talk about what’s going on in our lives, and generally build on the good sense of collegiality we already have. It’s a reminder that some of Jesus’ most important relationship building was done over a meal.

Do you have some informal means of fostering friendship and mutual support where you work? If so, feel free to leave a comment and share the idea with other readers.

We might want to join you.

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