If your spiritual energy level is feeling low lately, the Mars Rover appropriately named “Spirit” could have a clue for you. It’s also experiencing its lowest energy levels ever, and there’s no question about why … the rover’s solar panels have become encrusted with layers of crud from Mars’ frequent dust storms (see top photo).

As a result, only two-thirds of the sun’s energy is blocked off from the cells, leaving the sturdy craft unable to generate enough power to send back all the data it’s collecting and saving.

The rover, controllers say, is badly in need of a good burst of wind to clean the dust away so the solar cells can absorb the energy they need.

The application needs no elaboration: when worldly matters come between us and God’s Spirit, a fresh gust of repentance and spiritual housekeeping is always in order.

[High resolution versions of the above images can be found on this page at the Mars Rover site.]

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