Starlette Thomas is joining Good Faith Media (GFM) as a contributing correspondent.

An ordained Baptist minister living near Washington DC, she was a longtime contributor to and has continued writing columns for GFM. She currently serves on the GFM strategic advisory board.

Thomas will be a contract employee who will contribute a weekly column to, as well as write for Nurturing Faith Journal and develop the second season of “The Raceless Gospel” podcast.

“Starlette is an important voice that people of faith need to hear,” said Mitch Randall, GFM’s CEO. “Her keen insights and passionate wordsmithing communicate an inclusive gospel, seeking justice for all people. We are honored and excited that she decided to join our team as a contributing correspondent.”

Thomas is the author of The Raceless Gospel blog, which she launched in 2011 to explore, and expose, the social construct of race.

Working with GFM Media Producer Cliff Vaughn, she launched The Raceless Gospel podcast in late March 2021.

Thomas and guests discuss the taboo trinity of race, religion and politics, with each episode structured like a church service. Season one, which consists of five episodes, five “Sundays,” is now available on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

As she explained in an interview for the May-June 2021 edition of GFM’s Nurturing Faith Journal, “The raceless gospel is not a call to color-blindness, but to see race for what it is … The raceless gospel is not post-racial but pre-racial, trusting that race was not ‘in the beginning with God.’”

To read the full interview, and to access additional articles, Bible studies and resources, subscribe to the journal here.

You can also listen to Thomas discussing “The Raceless Gospel” podcast on a recent episode of “Good Faith Weekly,” hosted Mitch Randall and GFM Executive Director of Development and Marketing Autumn Lockett.

“Having served as a denominational leader and pastor while writing across several mediums, my love of words continues unabated in my new role as a contributing correspondent with Good Faith Media because there is so much more to tell,” Thomas said. “From journaling as a preteen to blogging as an adult, this position allows me to do what I love – write for understanding and, hopefully, to be understood.”

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