’s 2012 Baptist of the Year, Glen Stassen, has a top 10 book, according to one of America’s leading Christian magazines.
Stassen’s new book, “A Thicker Jesus: Incarnational Discipleship in a Secular Age,” is listed as one of The Christian Century magazine’s recommended books for 2012.

David Heim, the magazine’s executive editor, and Richard Kauffman, the book review editor, made their recommendations in November.

“By ‘a thicker Jesus,’ Stassen means one who is Lord over all of life, not a Jesus reduced to a principle of living or an ideology. A thicker Jesus should lead Christians to an incarnational discipleship, which Stassen views as the antidote to secularism,” reads the Century review.

“A church that embodies incarnational discipleship will have the humility to concede that it isn’t always correct and will be committed to continuous repentance.” This, Stassen asserts, is how “we find a faithful and solid identity for faith and ethics.”

Stassen has contributed columns to, which can be found here. He also spoke with Robert Parham at the 2012 Baptist World Alliance gathering in Santiago, Chile, about the role of Baptists in the struggle for human rights, which can be viewed here.

For a half-dozen years, has made a surprise announcement at the end of the year about its Baptist of the Year.

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