The August 13 issue of Newsweek magazine carries an impressive story about the length to which well-paid spin-meisters will go to deny the overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is a real and present danger to the earth and its inhabitants, and getting more dangerous all the time.

Those who deny global warming, of course, are those who stand to profit from the increasing extravagant use of oil and other fossil fuels, or who profit in other ways from activities that threaten the planet.

The article demonstrates how conservative “think tanks” (translate “propaganda incubators”) have carefully developed strategies to derail any U.S. action on global warming by trotting out contrarian scientists who deny global warming in order to broadcast a message that the science behind global warming is uncertain, or to claim that the unmistakable temperature trends are just part of a natural cycle.

Don’t think for a minute that such scientists are not rewarded for their contributions to the big-money shell game.

The facts, for those who are willing to confront the evidence, overwhelmingly indicate that human activity plays a major role in global climate change that could wreck the world for our children and grandchildren, even as it contributes to drought and suffering in many parts of the world already.

Sadly, some conservative Christian groups, blindly loyal to their political heroes, have followed in the parade, casting doubt about human responsibility for the global disaster-in-the-making. Fortunately, many evangelicals are beginning to take more proactive positions.

The Bible is very clear in teaching that God entrusted the earth to humans and told them to “fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28). That doesn’t mean humans are to devastate the earth and use it up: the context makes it clear that the earth is given into our care as good stewards of its resources.

The Bible also makes it clear that economic and social justice are near the top of God’s agenda, and any actions that profit the rich at the expense of the poor are anathema.

Both wealth and power are immensely corruptive influences, and the behavior of wealthy and powerful people who cast doubt on a legitimate global concern for the sake of their own profit is nothing less than despicable.

The well-paid deniers of truth may be slick and stealthy, but those who believe God has a better idea for the global community don’t have to give credence to their drivel.

If truth can’t stand up to power, and if American power-mongers don’t get out of the denial business and take the lead in showing a bit of concern for someone other than themselves, we may be destined to encounter hell on earth.

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