ma17covBy John D. Pierce

The March-April issue of Nurturing Faith Journal is rolling off the presses soon — filled with original content addressing important and inspiring matters for thoughtful and compassionate Christian living.

Here’s a sampling:

Discover how a Rome, Georgia, woman’s creative idea for a one-time mission project now continually improves the lives of women in an impoverished community in Peru.

Learn alongside innovative minister Will Dyer about the challenges and opportunities facing churches that face up to changing technology.

Read Rick Jordan’s sharing about some North Carolina congregations building meaningful interfaith relationships.

Explore how a longtime resort ministry in Gatlinburg, Tenn., responded to the deadly and devastating fires last fall, and how you might help.

Theologian John Franke offers a needed word about the Word that became flesh — and theologian Fisher Humphreys provides thoughtful guidance for constructive conversations about the church and homosexuality.

In his Lighter Side column, Brooklyn pastor Brett Younger offers tips for post-worship receiving line etiquette.

Texas pastor Les Hollon reminds readers of what is at stake for the Christian witness in America, especially among Millennials and Gen-Xers.

Author Ben Self ponders whether John Calvin was a Five-Point Calvinist like many Calvinists.

Historian Bruce Gourley digs into the historical contradictions of American Christianity that still impact church and society today.

The 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s courageous venture into all-white baseball provides inspiration, hope and a needed challenge.

Columnist Paul Wallace insightfully addresses, “How have you furthered your faith through your work as a scientist?”

There is only place to find all of these original writings and more  —  plus the superb weekly Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge and password access to the online Teaching Resources.

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