By John Pierce

During my Sunday morning drive up to the First Baptist of Commerce, in Northeast Georgia, I hit upon a country radio station that had devoted a segment to Gospel music. There were classics like “Beulah Land” along with other harmonized tunes unfamiliar to my ears.

Then there was “Gospel Boogie.” The chorus, if I recall the songwriting spendor correctly, goes: “Do the Gospel boogie, It helps your soul, The Devil, he’ll have to go.”

Since it’s hard to do the “Gospel Boogie” while driving, I just spent the time wondering why my seminary profs failed to teach us the good stuff of theological understanding.

All of those years I spent among Baptists, Presbyterians and theological educators of other traditions, and not one lecture on the “Gospel Boogie.” I feel short changed.

I’ve heard the Gospel. I’ve heard boogie. Just never heard them together before yesterday.


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