Good Faith Media is hosting a writer’s retreat this week at Amicalola Falls State Park in the mountains of northern Georgia. Missy and I arrived a day early to prepare for the meeting and make sure our incoming attendees feel welcome.

We left Oklahoma City at dark-thirty because we’re cheap and wanted to get to the park earlier to do some sightseeing. Waiting for a room at the lodge to open, we decided to hike the waterfall trail.

Fall has assuredly descended upon the mountain, as we were greeted with 40-degree temperatures. However, the chilly weather could not compete with the kaleidoscope of autumn colors cascading over the mountains.

The orange, yellow and red leaves looked as though Rembrandt himself beat us to the mountain to show off his talents. Of course, an artist even greater than Rembrandt checked into the park before us.

There is something about places like Amicalola Falls that remind me of the true beauty of God’s creation. The divine, creative imagination that went into designing this kind of beauty transcends the mind.

Divine imagination provides humanity the opportunity to live in both the physical and spiritual worlds. We cast our gaze upon the physical beauty of nature, as the beauty speaks to our souls with words of comfort, encouragement and hope.

Water flowing over rocks with fall-colored leaves on trees in the background.

(Photo: Mitch Randall)

As we hiked the trail, Missy and I came upon a beautiful waterfall. At this point, I need to admit something. I love waterfalls. There is something about the hidden power of a waterfall that intrigues me.

To think a mountain gave way a little of itself to flowing water in order to create a waterfall astounds the imagination. Missy and I stopped at multiple points, just watching the water descend down the mountain. The fall was mesmerizingly sacred, as well as the company hiking the trail beside me.

After our hike, we headed back to the lodge and got settled in our room. We went to dinner at the lodge, which had a large window with the most beautiful landscape of mountains and colorful leaves greeting dinner guests.

During our meal, the sun began to set behind the mountains. Missy and I quietly sat, staring out the window watching the sun say goodnight to the mountains and trees. It was absolutely beautiful!

Watching the sun give way to the mountains and dark night sky, I could not help but start thinking about how much I love my life. From my family to my vocation, I could not be more thankful for the blessings in my life.

I’m really looking forward to this week’s writer’s retreat, as many of my colleagues and friends will gather to discuss the art and science of writing. Yet, I am also looking forward to walking a trail with them, sitting beside a fire pit and enjoying meaningful conversations.

The sun is now behind the mountains, but with every sunset another sunrise waits to be born. In a world that has grown dim recently, make sure to look at the western sky tonight, find your own trails to hike and discover a hidden waterfall to remind you that God remains in this world.

Count your blessing today, and remember that we are all God’s creatures, walking the trails of life together, waiting for the sunset over the mountains.


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