Intellectual discourse is not the only route to profundity. Eavesdropping on the conversations of children is one good way to gain fresh insights.

The little notebooks of ideas and illustrations for writing and speaking that I fill have a good representation of comments from my own daughters over the years. Seeking their permission before using one in public, I learned, is a good practice.

One of my blogs during Advent focused on the seasonal truth being exclaimed by a two-year old. It happens rather often if we listen.

Art Linkletter created a lot of television and books under the title, Kids Say the Darndest Things. Indeed they do; sometimes very profound as well as entertaining things.

The phrase “Out of the mouths of babes…” (that comes from Jesus in Matt. 21:16 quoting Psalm 8:2) is often invoked when such big insights flow from such small mouths.

Editor John Buchanan of Christian Century magazine, in a recent column, made me aware of the book, Children’s Letters to God, edited by Stuart Hample and Eric Marshall.

This is one of my favorites:

“Dear God. Maybe Cain and Abel would not kill each other if they had their own room. It works with my brother. (signed) Larry”

The unfiltered honesty of children can be a refreshing alternative to much of our adult attempts at piety.

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