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Symbols of Faith is a teaching resource. The book, by Marcia Joslin Stoner, contains 67 symbols of Christian faith, including symbols of the seasons such as Advent, Lent and Easter, 10 different crosses, and the shield symbols for the 12 disciples.

Various other symbols of faith and worship are also included. The purpose of this children’s study book is to offer activities for interaction and learning by using symbols of Christian faith.

The material is adaptable for single-session use or for supplemental material in conjunction with longer studies about symbols. A short, multi-week course could be developed around themes such as Advent or Lent.

The introductory pages offer suggestions for various age groups and for intergenerational use. Additionally, a lesson plan is provided for those who wish to develop a full hour-long session using the materials in the book.
Each of the symbols is described briefly. The descriptions are accurate, but simple; a more thorough background would be helpful.

At least one activity accompanies each symbol, with several symbols having multiple activity options. The activities vary in style and involvement. The book also contains an index of activities, including Bible studies, crafts, events, games, music and worship. A few cooking activities, ongoing projects and service projects are included as well.

Each symbol is presented on a full page as a black-and-white line drawing. They are simple and clear, and permission is granted to reproduce as needed for classroom use. In addition to the index of activities, an index of the symbols is listed for easy reference.

The strength of the material is its flexibility. This can be a valuable tool for supplemental material, as well as creating a unit of study on symbols. The resource is excellent for use with children and youth. The material does not lend itself well for use with preschoolers, except in an intergenerational format.

Frank Granger is minister of education at First Baptist Church in Athens, Ga.

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