Cave of Horror, or of Wonder?

Cave of Horror, or of Wonder?

The Israeli Antiquities Authority announced earlier this month the finding of a “new” Dead Sea Scroll in the Judean desert. Most news accounts tell only part of the story: the rest is far more interesting. The “new scroll” (and both words belong in quotation marks)...

Dead Sea Scrolls Receive New Life Online

You may or may not have seen recentnews indicating that a partnership between the IsraelMuseum and GoogleIsrael is making high-resolution images of the famous DeadSeaScrollsavailableonline.  If you didn’t notice, a million others did: five of the scrolls debuted...

Dead Sea Scrolls Now Available Online

JERUSALEM (RNS) Five of the Dead Sea Scrolls that have been stored for decades in a climate-controlled exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem are now available in digital form to anyone with an Internet connection. A website (