This a resolution was adopted in 1998 by Crosscreek Baptist Church in Pelham, Ala., and delivered to more than 1,400 teachers in Shelby County. It is included in the Baptist Center for Ethics free resource for advocacy and action in support of public education and is published here as an example of how Baptists can speak a positive word for public schools.

WHEREAS the founders of our country recognized the important role public education plays in creating and sustaining a democracy, and

WHEREAS the diverse nature of our country at the present time makes the need of providing education for every person, regardless of race, gender, national origin or economic status more critical than ever before, and

WHEREAS most, if not all, public school teachers are dedicated professionals who care about children and young people, and strive diligently to teach in such a way that young lives are enriched, and

WHEREAS public school teachers are currently being used as scapegoats by political forces in this country seeking to gain an advantage by striking fear in the hearts of concerned parents, and

WHEREAS Christians are called by God to support the public good and work for the well being of all persons,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the members of Crosscreek Baptist Church decry efforts to discredit public school teachers for the purpose of gaining political advantage.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the members of Crosscreek Baptist Church give thanks to God for persons who give their lives to teaching children and young people, and especially those who practice their profession in public classrooms.

Crosscreek Baptist Church Web site is here.

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