After checking into my third consecutive hotel on the last leg of an 1,150-mile run up and down I-75, my primary goal was to hit the bed as soon as possible. Five days of talking, listening and driving had exhausted me.

There was no mint nor chocolate on the pillow, as is sometimes the case, but something more satisfying and appropriate. The woman who had prepared the room left me this note.

It showed no evidence of hurried scribbling nor award-winning penmanship. But in carefully crafted printing, the handwritten note read:

May the Lord’s love always light your path
Have a great day

It seemed so honest, personal and from the heart. I’d rather have this sincere note from an unknown hotel housekeeper than all the volumes a bookstore can hold from experts explaining the best ways to share faith.

It was clear to me that this woman’s path is illuminated by the love of God even when doing mundane tasks for meager wages — something most of us would spend all day grumbling about if willing to do it at all.

Thanks, Velda, for the note and needed perspective. I benefitted from both.

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