The name on the sign at the busy intersection of Vineville and Pierce Avenues in Macon, Ga., will change this week as Tripp Martin, a gifted young minister, assumes the pastorate of historic Vineville Baptist Church.

For most of the year it has been my great pleasure to fill the pulpit in that beautiful sanctuary occupied by warm and caring people. Only a small slice of the Baptist world would be so courageous (to invite me in) as this congregation has been.

Your responsiveness, caring and affirmation are wonderful gifts I will take with me from our good time together. Your marvelous blend of commitment, kindness and humor made me feel at home right from the start.

You were most gracious on Sunday with your hugs, departing words and an armload of cards and letters that I am enjoying still. And my family and I are deeply grateful for the spring break trip we will enjoy.

It was enough that you named the street that runs by the church for us.:)


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