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President Bush’s recent discussion of faith with ABC’s “Nightline” reveals a lot less spiritual arrogance than the fundamentalist crowd that has embraced him to the end.

Bush said he was “not so presumptuous as to be God” in knowing whether he was divinely chosen for the presidency, according to many news reports including this one from Associated Baptist Press.

Rather, the outgoing president focused on seeking God’s guidance. “Did it help to know that prayer would inform me during tough moments?,” Bush asked himself. “Absolutely.”

Bush also spoke highly of the Bible as an “amazing book.” Yet, he confessed: “I’m not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from it.”

He also rejected the false exclusive choice between belief in a Creator God and the science of evolutionary process.

Also, Bush refused to take on the role of ultimate judge while affirming his own faith in Christ.

“I do believe there’s an Almighty that is broad and big enough, loving enough that encompass a lot of people,” he said, according to ABP. “I don’t think God is a narrow concept. I think it’s a broad concept. I just happen to believe the way to God is through Christ, and others have different avenues toward God, and I believe we pray to the same Almighty. I do.”

The president did what many of us choose to do: Affirm our faith deeply while refusing to claim the corner on all truth and to condemn all others who might disagree.

Good for him. Guess his ex-presidency won’t include teaching Southern Baptist theology students.

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