There is nothing more beautiful than a night sky filled with bright lights dancing in the dark. Even more mesmerizing, those glistening lights seem to shine even brighter as the sky grows darker.

Over the last week, Baptist News Global (BNG) invited me to be a chaplain to a group of pastors.

In BNG’s “Conversations that Matter” 2018 gathering, a group of next generation pastors came together this week in Boston, Massachusetts, to discuss hard congregational conversations addressing the most critical topics facing the church.

As the world seems to grow darker by the day, I have been inspired by the lights of this next generation.

These pastors are beautifully authentic, passionately courageous and organically creative. Not only do they see the world with honest eyes, but also as it can be.

While many worry about the future of the Baptist witness, I am convinced the light I have basked in this week shines toward a bright future.

The next generation is forging a new path forward – a path that proclaims and advocates for an inclusive gospel that transforms individuals and communities.

Therefore, even as the world seems to grow darker with time, rest assured that the bright lights of the next Baptist generation are shining.

They will show us a way by their lights, exposing our deficiencies while revealing a new future.

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