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If the church is the body of Christ, then perhaps the biggest church body is the one found on the Internet. With Christian sites dotting every inch of the spiritual spectrum, believers can find their special place in the “church” on the Web.

For years the faithful who were unable to attend services in person could participate in Sunday morning worship by tuning in on the radio or watching the sermon broadcast on television.

Worship on the Web has opened the door for believers to experience a well-rounded, self-designed spiritual experience without all the hand-shaking and smiling that comes with rubbing elbows with God’s people.

For those used to “live” sermons on television, the Web broadens this option to include several preachers all over the country, and even the world. is one of many sites offering live Sunday morning broadcasts.

Even sleepy-headed believers who skip the live Sunday sermons have a chance to catch some spiritual words of wisdom from other sites offering pre-recorded sermons. has a wide selection of well-known ministers to choose from, as well as lesser-known preachers.

Okay, so Sunday morning worship isn’t all there is to church. Well, the Web doesn’t disappoint when it comes to finding support groups, counseling, teaching, seminars, devotionals, lifestyle magazines and all things religious. offers fitness and nutrition tips for the faithful and even discusses the benefits of “alternative” therapies., and are just a few of the numerous Christian sites that provide magazine-style articles about faithful living, church history, church leadership, spiritual growth, youth studies and even apologetics.

And there’s no need to feel alone when building one’s faith online. Sites like provide counseling, community chat groups and even memorials to loved ones.

Most sites provide a statement of faith or mission statement to help clarify their stand on things like the Bible, baptism, salvation, etc. No matter what corner of the Christian community one frequents, the Web has something for everyone.

Jodi Mathews is communications director for

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