Did Time magazine intentionally undercut its intriguing story about Billy Graham’s amazing string of relationships with eleven U.S. presidents by portraying him on the cover as the devil in disguise?

I read the copy that came to our mailbox last week soon after it arrived, and found the story to be both complimentary and sympathetic toward Graham. The only thing I noticed about the cover photo of Graham is that it was an older one, made during his pompadour days.

I didn’t realize until I glanced through Tuesday’s newspaper that the cover had stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest.

At least one conservative blogger noticed that the points of the “M” in “Time” sprouted like horns from Graham’s head, and smelled a liberal conspiracy.

Give me a break.

I can make out the image they see, once the points have been pointed out, though they look more like Batman ears than devil horns to me. And, since Graham is in profile, if you assume the “M points” are horns, it would appear that one juts from the crown of his head while the other sticks out of the back.

I suppose it’s possible that someone in Time‘s graphic arts department may have been having a little fun, but it’s hard to believe the magazine’s editors would have been twisted enough to purposefully portray a horned Graham … unless the devil made them do it.

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