The board of directors met in San Antonio, Texas, last week for our annual board meeting.

The meeting was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the future. While the board conducted important business, the most exciting news came when the board affirmed a new guiding vision for’s future.

The “E3 Initiative” is built around three critical components: educate, engage and empower. is positioning itself to be a leader of both theoretical and applied ethics that lead to social justice involvement.

With a new generation of goodwill Baptists and Christians emerging, the need for a new guiding vision will be essential.

1. Educate: will continue to be our primary source for educating readers about the important ethical and social justice issues of the day.

Daily opinion columns, news articles and topical series will continue to provide readers with valuable resources and build a framework for productive conversations.

We will pivot from full-length documentaries to mini-documentaries (10 to 15 minutes in length) highlighting inspirational stories and shedding light on weighty topics. wants to become the go-to resource for Christians addressing ethical and social justice issues.

The following are specific means by which will be an educational resource:

  • Provide columns, articles and profiles on current ethical and social justice topics.
  • Produce mini-documentaries profiling compelling stories and addressing specific issues. These resources will be FREE of charge.
  • Publish curriculum, study guides and books for churches. Starting in June 2018, these resources – along with previously released full-length documentary DVDs – will be FREE of charge.
  • Develop a future podcast that will address current issues, conduct interviews and profile congregations engaged in social justice.

2. Engage: will work to inspire individuals, congregations and organizations to develop and engage in the concept of applied ethics and social justice.

We will seek to engage local churches dealing with ethical and social justice dilemmas.

We want to inspire them to partake in productive conversations on important issues without jeopardizing the solidarity of their fellowship.

We want to assist churches in telling their stories of spiritual and social transformation through the production of video narratives.

Through engagement with churches and organizations, we will construct a global network for collaborative work.

How can you, your church or your organization get engaged?

  • Provide resources to your church members.
  • Link columns, articles and videos on your websites and social media feeds.
  • Invite to visit your community, church or organization.
    • Invite me to preach and speak throughout the year.
    • Host staff for a screening of a full-length documentary.
    • Request us to facilitate constructive and productive conversations over critical issues while emphasizing the solidarity of community.
  • Inquire about becoming a “partnering” and “contributing” church.
  • Become an investor in the future of by planned giving.

3. Empower: will empower individuals, congregations and other groups to engage in applied ethics and social justice.

Through various resources, will enable individuals, churches and organizations with information, conversations and future financial grants.

Another element of the empowerment objective is our upcoming shift to making all of the resources located at free for churches, individuals and organizations.

We want to ensure our partners have the resources they need to be productive.

How can empower individuals, churches and organizations?

  • Providing educational resources.
  • Inspiring Christians to engage in applied ethics and social justice.
  • Connecting groups for collaboration and partnership through a global network for social justice.
  • Offering the opportunity for Christians, churches and organizations to communicate their stories to a global audience.
  • Developing a future grant program that will provide funding for social justice projects and social justice ministers.

The “E3 Initiative” is an exciting vision for the future of With these three guiding objectives, we are set to emerge as a leader when it comes to cultivating ethical issues and inspiring action for social justice.

We hope you, your congregation or your organization will work alongside us as we shine the light of the gospel into a world shrouded in darkness, poverty, sickness and injustice.

Together, we can shine the beacon of hope for the world.

Mitch Randall is executive director of You can follow him on Twitter @rmitchrandall.

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