By John Pierce

Yesterday I received a phone call from a man who couldn’t give financially to support Baptists Today at this time but wanted me to know why. He expressed deep appreciation for the news journal, but shared that his wife’s extended poor health had put a tight squeeze on their family’s finances.

He could have simply ignored the appeal for a yearend gift that he received in the mail. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known. He didn’t have an outstanding pledge or any particular obligation.

But it was clear that, despite his current economic hardships, he had a deep desire to give — and wanted me to hear him say so. Therefore, his phone call in itself was something of a gift.

Of course, such kindness doesn’t pay the bills. So my hope is that the generosity of others will be expressed in terms of real cash that can go toward real costs such as printing, postage and personnel. But I found his call to be heartwarming.

There are times, however, when I wish those with the deep desire to give and those with the most abundant resources for giving were the same. But everyone can be generous in one way or another.

Yearend giving is important to nonprofit organizations. So much good work is made possible through generous hearts and hands.

Such giving can be done in a variety of ways — including online gifts. At such places as baptists

Thanks to all who have giving hands — now and throughout the year.

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