CNN’s witty reporter Jeanne Moos — equipped with a stopwatch — showed an partial (mercifully) video clip of a question-and-answer exchange from a John McCain Town Hall meeting.
The audience participant — identified as David Wheeler — rambled on for about three minutes before offering anything that ended with a question mark.
I noticed he included “as a Christian” and “the Bible” among his disjointed ramblings.
Though not known for his patience, Sen. McCain smiled and tried to get the man to phrase something in a way that the candidate might offer a response.
“I’m going to ask you for the third time for a question,” McCain said at one point as the crowd grew restless.
It felt like open-mic time at a Southern Baptist Convention.
With more pressure from the crowd than the candidate, the man finally asked McCain why one should vote for him.
The answer was brief.
The sadly funniest part was when the man — after about three minutes of setting up his vague question — confessed to being a bit hoarse.
Imagine that.
In political rallies, church services and other public gatherings, we often discover that some of us prefer talking over listening.

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