More important than the question “What do you believe?” are the questions “Who are you?” and “What do you do as a Christian?”

That concept forms the foundation of The Practice of Living Faithfully, an undated Bible study curriculum from Acacia Resources. First released as a print resource, this 13-week Bible study was recently released in PDF format, a much more economical option for budget-conscious churches.

The study challenges adults to examine how they express their faith commitments and to evaluate their primary faith practices, including disciplines such as hospitality, simplicity, giving, prayer, fasting and Sabbath. It also explores the concepts of transformation and discernment and features separate lessons on speaking kindly, judging others, keeping one’s word, forgiving and blessing.

By recovering and renewing the biblical model that authentic faith is lived out through daily experiences, it underscores the truth that individuals learn the Christian way by practicing it.

Faithful living incorporates how individuals think, act and speak and connects beliefs and behaviors, offering the world a genuine example of Christian life.

Acacia Resources, the publishing division of the Baptist Center for Ethics, releases new adult Bible study curricula quarterly. Offering separate student guides and leader guides, the undated units are available in PDF format and offer reliable, fast access to cutting-edge Bible study resources.

For more information about Acacia Resources and current titles, click here.

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