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The Raceless Gospel Initiative is an expression of “faith seeking understanding”—without race. It’s a didactic, multifaceted ministry of communication that decenters the sociopolitical construct of race and its progeny for the sake of Jesus’ gospel and in hopes of practicing an inclusive hospitality for a raceless “kin-dom” of God to come.

The initiative seeks to ultimately undermine the credibility of the sociopolitical construct of race in all Christian communications and in all Christian communities so that Jesus followers can live more deeply into their baptismal identity.


The work to deconstruct a worldwide off-base socio-political construct, such as race, is not for the faint of heart. The work of TRGI seeks to deconstruct, displace, and dislocate a long misguided belief that race has anything to do with the sacredness and worthiness of each individual.  This is a groundbreaking work that will dismantle generational deep hurt and build up the Kingdom as forgiven and grace-full children of God. 

Eduardo Carrillo

Pastor, Annandale United Methodist Church in Annandale, Virginia

This is the most important book I have seen in DECADES for Christians, on the fallacy of race. This preacher is a prophet – I have admired her for years. This workbook should be in every adult church curriculum in this country, until we get to that Raceless Gospel. Race IS another gospel. Why have we followed it so long?  The framing of how we “turn the tables,” is a visual we can understand and imitate. The blank page at the end should intimidate but inspire all of us.

Kathe Traynham

Retired, Associate Director of Promotion and Development, Baptist World Alliance

The Raceless Gospel by Rev. Starlette Thomas is mind-blowing, riveting and educational. When Rev. Thomas started her sermon with a song, ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children,’ a song I had song from my youth and passed to younger generations, I realized the tragedy of this song. Jesus loves us regardless of race. This song, like many other things, has been indoctrinated into our spiritual lessons. The Raceless Gospel is a must have continual experience. You will thank me later. 

Yolonda Williams

Disc jockey at Gospel Faith Radio

What I admire most about Reverend Thomas is her unapologetic fierceness in her mission to dismantle race. Her mission is not merely a career and even transcends a calling. Dismantling race and all its associated evils are her passion. Reverend Thomas is a genuine and fully equipped warrior who has not only seen and lived the horrific pains of racism, but she is strategically on the battlefield as she fights this societal ill with grace, fortitude, and power. 

Deena C. Miller Wingard

Pastor, Shekinah Greater Love Tabernacle

Starlette Thomas is a ghostbuster! She pastorally and prophetically deconstructs the ineffable apparition called “race” which has haunted and harassed the church and this country for centuries. Recently, I was privileged to participate in a community cohort of Christians where Rev. Thomas worshipfully led us in lamenting the very idea of race, a concept that would be funny if it was not so deadly.

Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins

Executive Director Emeritus at American Baptist Home Mission Societies, and Mayor of Collegeville, Pennsylvania


Starlette Thomas headshot

Rev. Starlette Thomas is a womanist in ministry and the host of “The Raceless Gospel.” In this ongoing conversation, Thomas and guests talk about that taboo trinity — race, religion and politics.


Starlette Thomas, your podcast pastor, is here to tell you that the doors of this church are open!

  • “Your ‘Kin-dom’ Come,” a special limited Advent 2023 series, moves listeners from a Sunday morning prayer to a practice of relating that says we are ready—not just for Jesus, but for each other.
  • Season 4, “Body/ Building,” invites listeners to take a fresh look at what it means to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth or into a building.
  • “Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3”, a special limited Lenten 2023 series, provides listeners with a seven-episode Lenten series focused on the testing of Jesus.
  • Season 3, “Body Language,” looks at the North American church’s body language, examining how we have mishandled and marginalized some of our members.
  • “Jesus is coming!”, a special limited Advent 2021 series, reflects on faith, peace, joy and love, and considers the significance of Jesus’ birth for Mary then and for us today.
  • “Bodywork,” the theme of Season 2, address the damage that the church in North America has done to itself.
  • In Season 1, “Word Meets Flesh,” Thomas and her guests flesh out that taboo trinity — race, religion and politics and everything in between and all that gets in between Christians.


Colorful waves with a logo in the right corner and words above the waves.

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Starlette Thomas, director of The Raceless Gospel Initiative, is available to lead workshops, presentations or consultations for houses of faith and other organizations related to the Raceless Gospel. She is also available for preaching opportunities. To begin a conversation with Starlette, please complete the form below.

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The Raceless Gospel Podcast Launches Lenten Series

The Raceless Gospel Podcast Launches Lenten Series

The Raceless Gospel podcast provides listeners with a seven-episode Lenten series focused on the testing of Jesus. “Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3” offers a weekly meditation for the journey, beginning today.

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