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Rev. Starlette Thomas is a womanist in ministry and the host of “The Raceless Gospel.” In this ongoing conversation, Word meets Flesh. Thomas and guests talk about that taboo trinity — race, religion and politics.


Starlette Thomas, your podcast pastor, is here to tell you that the doors of this church are open!

  • Season 3, Body Language, looks at the North American church’s body language, examining how we have mishandled and marginalized some of our members.
  • A special limited Advent series for 2021 reflected on faith, peace, joy and love and considered the significance of Jesus’ birth for Mary then and for us today.
  • Bodywork, the theme of Season 2, addressed the damage that the church in North America has done to itself.
  • In Season 1, Thomas and her guests fleshed out that taboo trinity — race, religion and politics — and everything in between and all that gets in between Christians.