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Rev. Starlette Thomas is a womanist in ministry and the host of “The Raceless Gospel.” In this ongoing conversation, Word meets Flesh. Thomas and guests talk about that taboo trinity — race, religion and politics.


Starlette Thomas, your podcast pastor, is here to tell you that the doors of this church are open!

  • “Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3,” a limited series for Lent 2023, is named for the three wilderness temptations of Jesus. Each episode reminds Christians that they must have “ears to hear” what the Spirit is saying, namely that one’s calling comes with testing.  
  • Season 3, Body Language, looked at the North American church’s body language, examining how we have mishandled and marginalized some of our members.
  • A special limited Advent series for 2021 reflected on faith, peace, joy and love and considered the significance of Jesus’ birth for Mary then and for us today.
  • Bodywork, the theme of Season 2, addressed the damage that the church in North America has done to itself.
  • In Season 1, Thomas and her guests fleshed out that taboo trinity — race, religion and politics — and everything in between and all that gets in between Christians.