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By John Pierce

Looking for excellent Bible studies from a trusted writer? Well, hot of the press are the first two entries in the Nurturing Faith Bible Study SERIES by Tony Cartledge.

The lessons and background materials (Digging Deeper, Hardest Questions, reflections) are in each book.

A Place for Praise: Ancient Psalms for Modern Times is an eight-week study that begins with a clearer understanding of Hebrew poetry and other helpful background information. The selected psalms of praise reveal timeless truth about the role of worship in the faith experience.

“These texts remind us that, though the psalms were written in a variety of contexts between two to three thousand years ago, they continue to speak to our human need to know God, to follow God’s way, and to praise God for the ongoing gifts of creation, provision, deliverance and presence,” said Dr. Cartledge.

The second volume, Psalming the Blues: At the Intersection of Pain and Praise, explores seven psalms of lament — reminders that hope exists even in darkness.

“Sin and suffering are an inevitable part of the human condition, but not the inevitable end of the story,” said Dr. Cartledge. “The psalmists knew that the reality of God brings the promise of hope, and they found a broad range of ways to express both personal need and spiritual hope.”

These Bible studies are ideal for individual learning or for groups of any size. They provide intelligent and inspirational ways of digging into timeless truth.

We are grateful to Bob and Pat Barker and the Bob Barker Company of Fuquay-Varina, N.C., for sponsoring these first two volumes, allowing for low-cost pricing to users.

The Nurturing Faith Bible Study SERIES volumes are available at For discounted pricing on orders of 10 or more copies, please call (478) 301-5655.

Costs: $9.99 each (1-9 copies); $8 each (10-24); $7 each (25-49); $6 (50 or more). Prices include shipping!

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