Sometimes, less can be more.

Recently I was given the challenge of writing a meditation that speaks to the church as a good gift of God for which we should be thankful.

In 50-90 words. 

That’s about three tweets’ worth. How to describe something as big and important as the church in so few words? It’s a challenge, indeed, and one could approach it from many angles.

Here’s what I came up with:

If this thing we call “church” did not already exist when we came to know Jesus, we would have to invent it – but if not for the church, who among us would have come to believe? For all of its vagaries and vanities, the church of living stone and stream remains the wellspring of faith, the workshop of love, and the herald of our hope.

Thanks be to God.

How would you celebrate the church in 90 words or less? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. With Lent and the Easter season approaching, it’s a good time to celebrate the gift of community that’s both spiritual and religious — in a good way. 



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