By John D. Pierce

Cruelty is all the rage for those who march to the rhetorical and twittered drumbeat of their beloved president. They revel in his constant demeaning of people groups — other than white men.

The Supreme Court let him down and he feels picked on once again. He can’t imagine what is wrong with treating “Dreamers” as mere political pawns in his self-serving game.

The anxiety these youth and young adults feel from the ongoing threat they could be sent to birth lands they never knew means nothing to him. Media who refuse to ignore his constant lies, insults and misdeeds should be imprisoned and executed according the cruel, wannabe dictator.

And his dwindling followers acquiesce — eager to make his cruelty their own. Stroked by their fealty, the cruelty continues to spew forth toward any “lesser” group whose demeaning might bring hoots from the insecure, rallying crowd.

Even Chinese detention camps for Muslims aren’t offensive when one operates from a sense of superiority that regards only one’s personal gain.

Freedom has been redefined as self-interest and fulfilling one’s personal desires regardless of the expense to others. Therefore, even mask wearing is weaponized. To hell with the Golden Rule.

Rudeness, it has been said, is the weak man’s imitation of strength. Exhibit A is the national leader with his default setting on demeaning anyone and everyone not aligned with his narrow, self-serving agenda.

Recent polling, however, suggests there is some slippage for support of this kind of cruelty among American evangelicals — apparently those who remember Sunday school lessons on, “Be ye kind one to another,” and sang, “Jesus Loves the Little Children, All…”

In fact, the only remaining stronghold is the strata of society most drawn to a fear-driven, grievance-based philosophy that blames everyone but oneself for life’s shortcomings. Even there, the demeaning of people by groups is not fully embraced.

Cruelty. The word sounds as ugly as its realities. It is the contrast to everything Jesus said and demonstrated about humanity.

Hopefully, more of his followers are catching on: Don’t be cruel.

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