By John D. Pierce

Those who read Nurturing Faith Journal get thoughtful and relevant information found nowhere else.

The timely content is not compiled from other digital or print sources — but written exclusively for this autonomous, national publication.

The January/February 2019 issue (now available) includes several interesting and original feature stories — including Rick Jordan’s conversation with Tod Bolsinger of Fuller Seminary. Tod is author of the insightful book, Canoeing the Mountains: Church Leadership in Uncharted Territory.

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Another feature story focuses on American Ninja Warrior Bootie Cothran of Greenville, S.C., who when not racing through a challenging obstacle course leads a simple, somewhat-reclusive life.

As a church media coordinator, Bootie shares how technology can enhance worship rather than distract from it.

Four journalism professors at the University of Georgia provide great insights into the avalanche of change that has reshaped once-familiar ways of delivering and receiving news and analysis.

This in-depth conversation is from a panel discussion I facilitated with these experts from UGA’s Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communications — who are training “democracy’s next generation.”

Their peek into how fast-changing technology is impacting communication is revealing and much needed for all who seek to navigate the varied and plentiful sources of news.

There’s much more in this latest issue of Nurturing Faith Journal including Larry Hovis on leading from a platform of love and Lawrence Powers on campus ministry as a testing ground for church.

Ginger Hughes offers lessons from the tooth fairy and Brett Younger confesses to learning to love “the Google machine.”

Faith/science columnist Paul Wallace gives his interesting take on atheism, and John Franke and Bruce Gourley further explore a Jesus Worldview.

Included, as always, are the superb weekly Nurturing Faith Bible Studies written exclusively for the journal by Bible scholar/writer/teacher Tony Cartledge.

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