Three new titles are now available from Nurturing Faith Books, Good Faith Media’s publishing imprint: Windows for the Journey by Wallace W. Horton, Think (Or Else!) by Maralene and Miles Wesner and Stumbling to Zion, also by the Wesners.

Windows for the Journey is Horton’s second book published by Nurturing Faith Books, sharing thoughts through prose, prayers and poetry that address many of the circumstances and challenges that everyone faces or will face in life.

While not intended to be pietistic in their application, some thoughts will help readers to look inwardly at how to respond to God’s prompting and calling. The book can also be used as a resource for personal worship and devotional times.

Think (Or Else!) and Stumbling to Zion are Maralene and Miles Wesner’s eighth and ninth books published by Nurturing Faith.

It’s okay to have different opinions, but it’s not okay to twist, shade and change facts to fit our own desires, the Wesners contend in Think (Or Else!). True and false, good and bad, right and wrong statements flow around us constantly from TV, radio, movies, music, social media and innumerable people with malicious intent, trying to brainwash us for their own purposes. Never have our thinking skills been so tested or so important.

Christianity must be a thinking religion, and the short articles and devotionals in Think (Or Else!) are intended to stimulate readers to develop their own authentic observations from a different perspective. In times like these, we really must “think, or else.” In this case “or else” means we’ll lose our freedoms, and possibly our very lives, if we don’t think.

In Stumbling to Zion, the Wesners draw on their more than 50 years pastoring churches and teaching in public schools and universities as they bridge the gap between the spiritual and the intellectual worlds.

Faith must be practical, and religion must be relevant. Avoiding the orthodox party line, the Wesners seek to disturb complacency, override conditioning and challenge mindset by moving parables out of the first century and presenting new spiritual models.

All three titles are now available in the Good Faith Media bookstore, and they will be available in the future as an eBook at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

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