Tim Seelig

Tim Seelig is conductor, singer, teacher and motivational speaker. He is the artistic director of both the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus as well as the National Queer Arts Center.

Seelig holds four degrees and has authored seven books and DVDs on choral technique.

His most recent documentary, Gay Chorus Deep South, has garnered 35 audience-favorite awards, including the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC where the film debuted. He conducted the Guinness Book of World Record’s Longest Choral Concert (20 hours) and carried the Olympic torch as a Community Hero and AIDS activist. He hasn’t run since.

Known for his enthusiasm and sense of humor, Grammy Magazine noted, “Dr. Seelig takes eclecticism to new heights.” He is the proud grandfather of four grand girls: Clara Skye, Eden Mae, Ivy Hope and Cora Rose.

Learn more about Seelig on his website, TimSeelig.com

View Seelig’s Nurturing Faith book(s) below.