By John Pierce

Saturday morning coffee tastes the same as on other days of the week. But the overall feeling is a little different — with more contemplation of how to spend the hours ahead.

Making efficient use of time has long been a priority for me — and a frustration when dealing with those for whom it’s not. However, life is about more than productivity; balance is always required.

Time is a gift that when spent is never recovered. And there are many and varied ways to spend the time granted to us.

Managing, or balancing, time requires being intentional in appropriating hours for appropriate things: productive work (not all work is productive), healthy engagement with family and friends, meaningful worship, spiritual nurture, rest and recreation, care for self and others, etc.

Some people have trouble getting starting on tasks while others struggle to take needed breaks from them. There is a difference in procrastination and intentional waiting.

Taking a balanced approach to time allows for getting things done while not damaging oneself in the process — nor failing to be productive due to a lack of motivation or gratification from work well done.

Technological advances allow for many tasks to be done more quickly than ever before. Yet it is technology that can keep us connected and busy every waking hour. That ironic reality creates a daily (and nightly) challenge.

Discipline is needed to be efficient and productive in our tasks — and in knowing when to take a break from them.

Here’s to a good, well-balanced Saturday.



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