By John D. Pierce

top 10






1. I find much of the stuff in Christian bookstores or Christian sections in other bookstores to be trash. Bibles comprise most of the remaining small percentage.

2. Diversity doesn’t scare me.

3. I’m unwilling to reduce Christian ethics or politics to legal opposition to abortion and homosexuality.

4. I enjoy hanging around with people of various faith perspectives without feeling the need to convince them my way of thinking is superior.

5. I don’t think Jesus nor his followers need the government’s helping hand.

6. I believe America, despite its current challenges, has moved closer to “liberty and justice for all” than at any time in its history.

7. I’m comfortable with mystery as an integral part of faith, and see the Bible as far richer than a catalog for selecting verses that support my predetermined positions.

8. I am open to changing my mind after digging deeper and actually talking with those most impacted by the subject at hand.

9. I don’t want to be part of the nation’s only significant voting bloc that consistently opposes equal rights and is not repulsed by misogyny, belittlement and discrimination.

10. I think Jesus would make a very, very poor American evangelical.


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