Having recently read Matt Taibbi’s book about John Hagee’s church, I was startled to read of what passes for phophetic language. The conspiracy theory about Al Gore working secretly with global warming folks to take over the Unites States stayed with me. I was reminded of other Religious Right conspiracy theories that have brought with them “amens.”

2. I ran across this gem a few years ago when a book was circulating in our church by Texe Marrs of Austin. Texe wrote a book claiming that Hillary Clinton was working secretly with Janet Reno to form a lesbian plot to destroy Christianity. Texe agrees with Pat Robertson that Jimmy Carter, the PTA and Masonic Lodge are working to destroy our government. Texe takes the plot further believing that even Pat Robertson is in on it!

3. Christian Ethics Today carried a quote from famous TV Revelation expert Jack Van Impe. Jack noted that the United Nations was placing secret codes on the back of national highway signs to reveal the locations of believers so the new world order could persecute them.

4. Gerald L. K. Smith, who was a founding father of much of the Religious Right, received more mail than anyone else in the country during the ’30s. Smith later stated he believed the Holocaust was really a big conspiracy hoax and most of the Jews who were supposed to be killed in Europe were actually walking around in New York City.

5. In 1997, in Houston, the John Birch Society rented a hotel conference center to announce that Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, President Bush and Bill Clinton were really insiders working to overthrow the Constitution and nation.

6. Satan himself sometimes gets into the historical accounts. Jerry Falwell said Lucifer was behind the Supreme Court ruling in Topeka, Kan., regarding school integration. Jerry also promoted books claiming the Clintons took out Ron Brown and Vince Foster.

7. Reconstructionist author Gary North wrote an entire book on conspiracy stating it is a biblical view. North wrote that the Council on Foreign Relations elected FDR and sent money to get Lenin and Hitler started.

8. The American Mercury carried a piece about the secret 1913 Federal Reserve Act that set into motion a process begun in 1819 to benefit secret bankers who rule the United States.

9. Lutheran minister Gerald Winrod, known as the Jayhawk Nazi, believed all these conspiracies can be traced to Adam Weishaupt. Adam was a Jew who worked with the Masonic Lodge in Europe to set up the Illuminati. We can rest easy in the states, because Winrod did not beleive the American Lodge was infected.

10. My own personal favorite is in Robert Snow’s book on Christian militias. He noted that many militias believed that on the back of a 1993 box of Kix Cereal was a map teaching children about how the U.N. will divide up the United States.

Don Wilkey is pastor of First Baptist Church in Onalaska, Texas.

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