Good morning, Blog. Have a good weekend?

Not bad. Yourself?

Terrific. Hey, I haven’t thought to ask yet: how do you like the new digs on BT‘s renovated website?

You’re right, Mr. Sensitive. You haven’t asked. Nor did you bother asking if I ever wanted to move in the first place. Apparently it didn’t occur to you that blogs can have feelings, too.

Sorry about that. I just work here, too, you know — the new site wasn’t really my brainchild. Still, I could have given you a heads up.

Remember that next time.

OK, OK. So, given that you’re here, how do you like the new space?

Well, now that you ask, I have to admit that I like it. I like it a lot.

What do you like best about it?

The company, I guess. Over at blogspot there were millions of other blogs, but they included some really strange company, and it was hard to meet compatible blogs in the crowd. Here on the new site, things are more managable, and I like hanging out with the other blogs that live here.

Oh yeah? Tell me about it.

Well, I’ve known Pierce’s blog, of course, though it used to be harder for me to find from this end of the cyberlink. It’s nice living next door to somebody I can count on to say something insightful or homey or humorous once in a while.

Is that a knock on what I have to say?

Judge for yourself, Word Man. I’m just your display box, not your critic.

So, have you made other friends?

Right — Jackie lives next door, you know. It’s about time you guys featured a woman’s voice more prominently. And she reads good books, too. Sometimes I sneak over to the Kindle store and check out what she’s recommending.

Any others?

Oh yeah. I really like the newer blogs. That Gourley guy knows his Baptist history, and reading his blog gives me a better perspective to understand what you and Pierce are always going on about when it comes to denominational stuff. And Aaron Weaver — it’s good to have the Big Daddy closer at hand. He has a keen eye for things that matter, especially to younger Baptists. 

Are you saying I’m old?

Well, let’s just say that you’re an immigrant to cyberspace, not a native, like the folks who inhabit the “Younger Voices” blog. I like hearing what they have to say … I just wish there were more of them. You can learn from younger people, you know. 

Right. No question about that. I like hearing from younger folks, too. So, you do give a positive appraisal to the new website and the more diverse blog options?

OK, yes I do, though I wouldn’t say it in such a stilted way.

So, how would you describe your new place on the Web?

I wouldn’t bother to describe it, Homes. I just live here in the ever-evolving cyber-moment and enjoy it. Maybe you should get off your analytical high horse and do the same.

Maybe I will. And I’m glad you like the new space. I’ll see you again on Wednesday. Peace out.

Don’t say that: you’re too old for it to sound natural. And when you show up Wednesday, try to bring something worth saying, OK?

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