True Colors: Stories of Baptist Inclusion is now available from Nurturing Faith Books, the publishing imprint of Good Faith Media.

The beauty of a prism lies in the way it refracts light, revealing the colors that are hidden within it. Each facet of the prism offers a new perspective, a new way of seeing the world around us.

In much the same way, the contributors to this volume offer a range of experiences around LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Baptist tradition. They are like the facets of a prism, each reflecting a different aspect of the light that shines on this complex and contentious issue.

Edited by Jake Hall and featuring essays from multiple contributors, this collection bears witness to God’s work in, with and through LGBTQ+ persons, pastors and their congregations.

Each contributor has served as a congregational minister, and each has come to understand the love of God in Christ in a different way, both within themselves and within their congregations and contexts.

In a world that often seems divided and polarized, the contributors to True Colors offer a vision of the church as a place of welcome and beauty. They challenge us to see beyond the narrow confines of tradition and orthodoxy and to embrace the full spectrum of human experience and diversity.

The book is now available in the Good Faith Media bookstore.

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