Most folks who know how to access the web have heard of YouTube, a video-sharing sensation that made its founders obscenely rich while fascinating people with both time and broadband on their hands. Those of us who are short on time usually get introduced to YouTube when someone e-mails the link to a video that tickled their innards.

I learned from the radio this morning that “inspirational comedian” Justin Laippley’s “The Evolution of Dance” is the most popular video ever on the site. Being rather square, I’d never heard of it, but I decided to take a look. It was certainly entertaining, but not so much so that I’d expect more than 67 million people to watch it. Being a fan of ancient Babylonian kings, I enjoyed “The Mesopotamians” by a band called “They Might Be Giants” more.

YouTube is rather unfiltered, so its not the sort of thing you want children poking around unsupervised. A new site called GodTube recently debuted, billing itself as a Christian alternative to YouTube. It claims more than 4 million visitors per month now, and features more than 25,000 videos of widely varying quality and theological sophistication. If you’ve got the time and the inclination, it’s worth a look.

Even YouTube has inspirational options. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, for example, posts video clips highlighting missions needs and opportunities. You can find them here, and send the link to a friend, as well. With the traditional missions giving season upon us, it’s time for those who care about holistic missions to people with giant needs to get serious about giving.

In addition to the YouTube channel, you can get more information about Global Missions needs here. It’s understandable why many Baptists don’t feel as good as they used to about supporting the annual Christmas offering for the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. There’s no excuse, however, to stop supporting missions.

There’s a world of need out there. Check it out.

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