You’re familiar with the popularity of cute animal videos? I hardly ever click the links, but see them “shared” on Facebook all the time — kittens and puppies being adorable in their own right, grown cats and dogs doing surprising or amazing things — happy vignettes to lift the spirits and keep from working, right?

A sweet friend from Greensboro has a puppy who’s working to turn the tables, and recently shared his picture with me. “Doc” (short for “Sir Doctor Edwin of Ghent”) is a 14-week-old golden retriever, and he has apparently taken a liking to my videos for the Nurturing Faith curriculum published by Baptists Today.

Seriously. I don’t know if Doc thinks I’m doing funny people tricks, or if he’s just waiting to see if I will come out of the little box so he can pounce on me. In either case, the picture made me smile.

I needed that to keep me from crying over enlightening but frightening stories like this one, on how the long term strategy of a far right faction of Bible-idolizing reconstructionist Christians has contributed to the destructive insurrection underway in Washington, where a small group of ideologues has paralyzed their own party and held the federal government hostage for the past two weeks, with the debt limit looming.

Help me, Doc … let’s see that picture again. If only the video was cuter …

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