Americans aren’t all couch potatoes, but most of them spend their evenings at home in front of the tube, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Seven out of 10 Americans said they preferred home-based activities to restaurants or cinema. The most popular of these activities, for 26 percent of Americans, was watching television, according to the December poll.

Twenty-five percent of Americans said they enjoyed just staying at home; 9 percent read and another 9 percent liked to relax and rest.

Getting together with friends was the preferred way of spending an evening for 8 percent of Americans.

The nation also appeared to have more leisure time today than in the past. Almost 90 percent of Americans told Gallup they have a hobby, a substantial increase from 1948 when only 58 percent did.

Various outdoor activities were scattered among Americans. Dining out and going to movies tied at 5 percent each. Three percent of Americans said they spent evenings in sports games and exercise. The number of people engaged in evening church activities constituted only 1 percent.

Traditionally, those under the age of 30 expressed more interest in spending the evening socializing than the upper age groups, according to Gallup.
The top choice among 18 to 29-year-olds was visiting with friends. Those 50 years of age and older preferred watching TV in the evening (38 percent).

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