Paul Wallace answers questions Christians ask scientists and Bruce C. Salmon reflects on a lifetime of offering eulogies in the newest titles from Nurturing Faith Books, the publishing imprint of Good Faith Media.

Most religion-and-science dialogue suffers from peoples’ overwhelming need, on virtually all sides of the discussion, to be right. This creates an atmosphere that repels those of us who love knowing things but who have also made peace with not knowing things, and with mystery.

Thirty-Five Questions Christians Ask Scientists by Paul Wallace seeks to alleviate this situation.

Scientific explanations are fine as far as they go, but sometimes they don’t go far enough. Beauty is a reliable clue to the secret of the world: recognition. It is the divine image in us recognizing itself in a world made, and being made, by God.

God is instead the ground of all being, the mystery behind the beauty we call “existence,”  Wallace explains. And science can only deepen that mystery; it does not and cannot solve it.

Wallace teaches physics and astronomy at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. He holds a PhD in physics from Duke University and an MDiv from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. His reflections on faith and science appear in Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies, published by Good Faith Media.

Eulogy is derived from the Greek eu and logos, meaning “good word.” A eulogy is a good word about a person who has died, usually spoken during a funeral or memorial service, or sometimes at a graveside committal service.

In his latest Nurturing Faith Book, The Barefoot Eulogist: Speaking a Good Word While Standing on Holy Ground, Bruce C. Salmon reflects on his three decades of local church ministry during which he delivered many eulogies for church members, former church members, family of church members, and other persons in the community.

The purpose of this book is to provide examples of eulogies Salmon has given, in the hope that these examples might help other eulogists in the art and craft of writing tributes to those who have died, provide consolation for those who are grieving, and lift up the Christian promise of eternal life.

Salmon served for 33 years as pastor of Village Baptist Church in Bowie, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. During that time, he preached almost 1,500 original Sunday morning sermons, and officiated at many funerals and memorial services.

The Barefoot Eulogist and 35 Questions Christians Ask Scientists are available in paperback for $18 each (including shipping) at GFM’s bookstore, and both will be available in the future as an eBook at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

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