I found it hard to fathom, but news reports swear it’s true: fights broke out, threats were made, police were called, and gunshots were fired in incidents around the country — all in an effort to buy a pair of ike Air Jordan sneakers, which were released just before Christmas. To be precise, they’re Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords.

And the shoes aren’t even a new style: they’re a retro version of the shoes Michael Jordan wore in the mid-1990s, when he was at the height of his career.

The shoes were ugly then, and they’re ugly now. Why, oh why would anyone want patent leather on tennis shoes? And why would the shoes be so popular among kids who weren’t even born when Michael Jordan was hitting sky dunks for UNC and the Bulls? They never saw him play.

And I can’t imagine why anyone would pay $180 for the privilege of wearing them.

Other than the knowledge that peer pressure is a powerful thing that can lead people to do ridiculous things.

According to the article, however, many of the buyers weren’t kids at all, but collectors. Apparently, some buyers were also investors or opportunists. The shoes were a limited edition, sold out quickly, and folks are now asking from $600-975 for them on Amazon.

As collectors’ items, and many of the shoes will never be worn. Like precious keepsakes, they’ll be left in the box.

For shoes this ugly, keeping them in the box may in fact be the best approach.


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