Blessings on the readers of You opened your hearts and wallets to a real need and gave generously.

When I shared two weeks ago the facts about the Baptist Center for Ethics’ financial situation and asked for support, 131 individuals, churches and organization gave as of Monday. Forty percent were first time givers.

The 131 givers helped us get a good start down the road toward reducing our red ink after the first five months of the year and getting BCE back on a sound footing. We’re a long way from turning around our financial situation. We are moving in the right direction, however.

For those who intended to give and have not given yet, I appeal to you to make a gift this month.

As you consider making a gift, here’s a quick look at how givers have contributed:

  • 30 percent gave between $10 and $25.
  • 24 percent donated between $26 and $50.
  • 33 percent contributed between $51 and $100.
  • 13 percent gave over $100.

Giving percentages are only part of the story:

  • A North Carolina pastor said he would ask his church to put BCE in its budget.
  • A Tennessee Sunday school teacher asked her class to make financial support of BCE a class project.
  • A Texas woman pledged monthly support.
  • A Canadian Baptist reader made an online donation.
  • A number of American Baptist Churches, USA, readers donated.

Another part of the story is the comments we’ve received. Here are two:

  • “I get more and better real-time free-press news from than I do from any other organization,” wrote a noted Missouri Baptist leader.
  • A Tennessee Baptist layman emailed, “BCE has often been and today is probably the only voice of reason and light that I receive from any Baptist-affiliated organization.”

When I appealed for financial support, I was operating with an age-old, increasingly rare Baptist conviction: “Tell the truth and trust the people.” readers reinforced my belief in this mantra. I believe it’s as valid a guiding principle today as it was when the Southern Baptist Convention’s Home Mission Board president J. B. Lawrence reportedly coined it in 1928 after a treasurer had embezzled nearly $1 million.

If you have not made a contribution and would like to, we offer you two options:

Secure, online donations may be made on our Web site (click here).

Checks may be mailed to Baptist Center for Ethics, 4219 Hillsboro Road, Ste. 210, Nashville, TN 37215.

Know that your donations are tax-exempt.

Be assured that we’ll always strive toward telling the truth and trusting the people.

Robert Parham is executive director of the Baptist Center for Ethics

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