Our first daughter turned 16 last Saturday, got her official Georgia driver’s license yesterday and went on her first solo drive this evening. As a result, I have a better understanding of the parental love the Bible attributes to God.

The adventure was mild by normal standards — a 3.5 mile drive to the mall to eat and shop with friends. But this occasion was not normal because, well, because it was my daughter.

I tried distracting myself from her independence by enjoying a shrimp Caesar salad at Outback with my wife and younger daughter and then watching the Braves fall further out of contention when back home. But I kept glancing at the clock and my BlackBerry.

As instructed, she texted me to confirm her arrival at the mall and again as she began her return home. I spent the next several minutes peering out the window and contemplating a drive in her direction to make sure everything was OK.

But the early curfew was met easily and safely. And I met her at the door and embraced her tightly. But I was prepared to rush to meet her — had the drive taken just a minute of two longer.

If God’s love for us exceeds our own parental love — now that is something truly amazing.

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