By John D. Pierce

Yellowstone is waking up from its long winter nap. The snow is beginning to melt and the animals are starting to move about. The park’s summer splendor is early in the making.

What if you (yes, YOU) woke up on a cool summer morning to the multi-colored sunrise over Lake Yellowstone — the nation’s largest alpine lake in the oldest and largest of America’s national parks?

Then, what if you enjoyed a leisurely drive through Hayden and Lamar valleys where the buffalo roam — and wolves and grizzlies make appearances as well — or took a spirited hike up Mount Washburn to share a panoramic view with the big-horn sheep?

What if Sunday worship was literally a mountaintop experience?

And what if all the logistics were handled for you — with your biggest decision of the day being whether to order the sautéed trout, bison tenderloin or huckleberry chicken for dinner?

What if rather than being herded on and off a bus by a tour guide, or trying to secure high-demand rooms and map out your own agenda with uncertainty, a calm local expert (Bruce, not me) showed you and a handful of others around the many sites — including some that few visitors see?

What if your relaxing adventure ended with a greater sense of God’s amazing creation, a bunch of incredible photos, and memories made with new friends?

Nurturing Faith Experiences serve these good purposes. And, for now, you have two options:

One room (for two persons or a single) remains for the July 14-21 experience that includes lodging, dining and a boat tour at Lake Yellowstone, as well as a visit to the Old West town of Cody, Wyoming, traveling what Teddy Roosevelt called America’s 50 most beautiful miles. The full itinerary is here.

A more active experience is set for July 21-28 and includes hiking, rafting and lodging in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. The finale will be a cowboy cookout (arriving by horseback or wagon) on a West Yellowstone ranch. Details are here.

One more question:

What better way to celebrate National Park Week than to secure your spot in one of these summer experiences tailor made for you? Bruce Gourley and I would enjoy having you along.

Visit to check it all out. Pull-down tabs at the individual experience listings show all the details including registration.

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