I love the text – of whatever biblical passage I’m studying – but I don’t love texting. Maybe one day I will convert, but at present my thumbs, my brain, and my older cell phone keypad just don’t work fast enough to make texting a favored pastime.

My wife received a text from a friend last night, asking if we had safely arrived at my parents’ home in Georgia. Jan, who is little more comfortable with texting than I am, found the “quick text” option for “yes,” and that was the extent of her message.

Within a minute, our friend had responded with a three-sentence paragraph.

Jan just hit the speed-dial button and called her the old-fashioned way, if cell phones can be considered old fashioned.

After landing on a recent flight to Boston, I looked around and suspected that something along the lines of “I’m here” or “On the ground” might be among the most common text messages sent by text-enabled travelers.

This Thanksgiving season, when the economy is in the tank and the nation remains at war, many folks may find it difficult to feel thankful-as-usual. It occurs to me, however, that as long as we can say (or text) “We are here” — wherever we are — there’s much for which to be thankful.

So, like the littlest Who in Dr. Seuss’ classic Horton Hears a Who, let’s add our “Yop!” to the season’s “WE ARE HERE!” and send the Creator a clear message that we’re both here, and thankful.

[Image from DaveParker’s photostream at flikr.]

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