A Christian women’s group has launched a Web site supporting Mel Gibson’s upcoming movie on Jesus’ death.

Women Influencing the Nation, or WIN, launched SeethePassion.com to build support for Gibson’s “The Passion,” which depicts the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life. The movie, scheduled for release next spring, has drawn charges of anti-Semitism from critics who say it places blame for Jesus’ crucifixion on the Jews.

WIN not only joined the chorus of voices defending Gibson’s film, but also launched the site as a “support network” offering an online petition.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to sign the petition, which generally supports Gibson’s approach to the project and includes the following statement:

“We know that the enemies of Christian civilization—who are identifying themselves for all to see by announcing themselves as the enemies of this movie project—will maneuver till the end to block this movie.”

The petition also pledges to help Gibson find an alternative distribution network should the film encounter resistance to distribution or exhibition.

The site, which is described as operating independently of Gibson or his Icon Productions, allows visitors to view petition signers, read news stories about the movie and learn more about WIN.

Jennifer Giroux, WIN’s founder, wrote on the site that she “long dreamed of a group called Women Influencing the Nation (WIN) whose membership by its sheer numbers could stand together and fight for the truth.”

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